People's Land Trust School Film Night: Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley Street

On Friday night we hosted an online film screening as our second meeting with participants. The documentary provoked some interesting discussion afterwards around issues, themes and strategies that the DSNI used in Boston. It was surprising how relatable the experience of communities in Boston resonates with people in Cork.

Holding Ground is at once a cautionary tale of urban policies gone wrong and a message of hope for all American cities. In 1985, African-American, Latino, Cape Verdean, and European-American residents in Roxbury, MA united to revitalize their community.
The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative went on to gain national recognition as residents fought to close down illegal dumps, gain unprecedented control of land from City Hall and create a comprehensive plan to rebuild the fabric of their community. Through the voices of committed residents, activists and city officials, this moving documentary shows how a Boston neighborhood was able to create and carry out its own agenda for change.

Dudley Street Neighbourhood Initiative (DSNI)

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