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PLoT: People's Land Trust is a social art project that brings together participants, collaborators and co-creators in Cork City's Northside to engage in collective strategies and artistic methodologies to reimagine the future city. The project explores issues of urban land use and custodianship for the next 200 years that transcend individual need and considers wider ethical questions, through the model of a Community Land Trust (CLT).

A Community Land Trust is a community-led mechanism for holding land in perpetuity for use by communities. Originally CLT's developed out of ideas of common ownership and the stewardship of land or natural resources for future wider community benefit.

PLoT engages with grassroots community-led processes to reimagine urban places, resources and co-living. It takes into account the wider interconnected, critical concerns of ecology, population, climate, social relations, public policy, cultural practices, city infrastructure and interspecies inhabitation. 





Marilyn Lennon, Colette Lewis and Elinor Rivers are Cork based artists working in partnership since 2018. We work through social art practice and are aligned through an interest in collaborative approaches to investigating complex interrelationships of space, place and people. In response to context we employ a range of artistic methods for alternative forms of cooperation and production such as performative actions, critical pedagogy, discussion, reflection-on-action and other forms of praxis including embodied processes, thinking through making, mapping, participatory games, co-planning and visualisation.

Recent artistic achievements include Research and Development Strand Artist in the Community Scheme, Arts Council of Ireland (2020, 2018), Art in Context Research and Development Award’, Cork City Council (2020), Spare Room: Art, Architecture, Activism, Cork City (2019) and Sign(s) of the Time billboard commission, Skibbereen Arts Festival (2019).

Contact -  plot2220@gmail.com