Ecoliteracy with HAUMEA

This week as part of ongoing People's land Trust research we have begun a seven-week ecoliteracy course with Cathy Fitzgerald on her HAUMEA online course.

The PLoT School is expanding the vision of what living well together means, we're exploring the intersectionality of land, sustainability and ecology, taking into account wider interconnected future concerns of population, climate, social relations, cultural practices, city infrastructure and interspecies inhabitation. To support the expanded vision of living well together, the HAUMEA course introduces us to important policies, principals people and practices working with these concerns across the globe.

As Cathy has written 'we need to learn to live well with the Earth and all its inhabitants. Expansive integrated concepts, words and practices from ecological philosophy and ethics, as well as environmental knowledge are crucial to overcome the ecocidal misperception that humanity is separate from the wellbeing of the wider community of life.'

More info on the HAUMEA online course here

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