• Elinor Rivers

    Visual Artist / Activist

    PLoT Co-Founder

    Elinor has worked as a socially engaged artist with a wide range of groups and organisations

    mainly in Cork.


    She has created several large scale land based projects, working through social art practice, participatory landscape design and horticulture and enabling participants to collectively and creatively  reimagine the use of outside space in urban housing estates, schools and community and residential centres. 


    She has worked as a social and political activist for many years primarily at a grassroots level and has often combined her activism and art practice through interventions, installations and creating large celebratory and educational events.

  • Marilyn Lennon

    Visual Artist / Educator

    PLoT Co-Founder

    Marilyn has developed an art practice that is situated in urban and rural places of public contestation, from border lands to closed-down urban commercial sites.


    Working collaboratively with people at these sites, the creative outcomes are developed in response to each context.  Outcomes have included, new social meeting spaces, maps, poetry, performative objects, sites of exchange and conversation, digital apps and archives, programmed events, prints, publications and the ephemeral materials of creative organising. 


    Since 2010 she has developed and co-directs a master’s programme in social art practice (MA SPACE) at Limerick School of Art and Design.


  • Colette Lewis

    Visual Artist / Educator

    PLoT Co-Founder

    Colette has created numerous art projects in diverse public, community and institutional settings in urban and rural contexts including farming, sheltered housing, disability and healthcare settings. 


    She works through collaboration and social art practice to create new forms of social encounter and knowledge exchange, as an interstitial space for social change and empowerment. Artistic outputs have included film and radio/audio documentaries,

    photography prints and publications, interventions, installations and public events. 


    She has worked as an educator for many years developing and teaching digital media and creative programmes in community, third level and further education institutions.  



  • Noelle English



    Noelle is a freelance writer and editor based in Cork with a long interest in cultural studies and comparative literature.  

    Her role with PLoT as a writer / observer is to provide a documentary testament to its existence which can be used as a record and also as an engagement with the process of imagination itself. Conscious that the written text both anchors what is essentially an ephemeral process into a physical historical manuscript, it can also act as a base around which the project might expand.

  • Sabine Horlitz


    Mentor / Collaborator

    Dr. Sabine Horlitz, has expertise in grassroots Community Land Trust Agreements and will be working with PLoT as a mentor and adviser to the project. Sabine’s postdoctoral work focused on Community Land Trusts in the United States and her current research focuses on collective forms of land tenure.


    She is a co-initiator of the Berlin neighbourhood initiative “ps wedding”, a grass roots initiative developed in dialogue with various community organisations using a structure similar to the CLT model.