The People’s Land Trust School operates as a ‘radical school’ to bring interested people together to grow a new community with shared know-how. ‘Radical schools’ are an alternative space for learning that has its roots in 1960’s South America. The thinking behind them is that learning can happen in an equal participatory way with everyone’s experience being valued and shared. In the People’s Land Trust School people come together to learn about the Community Land Trust model and use their shared understanding to imagine how it could be adapted for Cork. 

The school is run through participatory decision making where all participants bring their knowledge and experience to share.  It uses creative processes to imagine, co-shape and co-build a more inclusive, equitable, sustainable life reflecting on the CLT model. School activities are an interactive and interdisciplinary fusion of talks, discussions, screenings, creative workshops, field trips and invited contributors. We explore the intersectionality of land, sustainability and ecology, taking into account wider interconnected future concerns of population, climate, social relations, cultural practices, city infrastructure and interspecies inhabitation. 


Throughout 2021,  the People's Land Trust School is running a series of activities, along with a short course 'Reimagining models of urban community land use'.